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As Mark Twain commented on his obituary, "The reports of my death have been greatly exagerated."

The partnership between Mexican and U.S. Presbyterians along the border of the two Californias continues in spite of announcements to the contrary, and in spite of the rupture of relations at the denominational level.


 A New Relationship  

Pueblo Hermanos is now under a collaboration of the Presbytery of San Diego of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.) and the Presbiterio Fronterizo Noroccidental (Northwest Border Presbytery) of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. A bi-national committee of four representatives from each presbytery oversee the work. The agreement of collaboration between the two presbyteries was signed after a bi-national worship service last June 3, 2012, at the Chula Vista Presbyterian Church.

On-going Bi-national Ministry

The bi-national ministry focuses on evangelism and church development, community health and development, and hands-on cross cultural mission experiences for U.S. and Mexican Presbyterians.  Nurse Martha Gonzalez de Rojas continues to train and deploy health promoters in poor neighborhoods of east Tijuana. Rev. Enrique Romero is using the Salud y Vida Health Trailer to start a new church in Rosarito Beach.

Francisco came to a living faith in Jesus Christ through relating to Pastor Enrique (left) and Deacan Noe (right) as they built together the new multipurpose hall for the Nueva Vida church in El Pipila, Tijuana Evangelism
 Church Planting
The church exists to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others and to be the Body of Christ together.  We have planted three churches and assist the Northwest Border Presbytery of Mexico in reaching its goals of 10 self supporting, self governing and self reproducing churches in Baja California in the next ten years.  
Volunteers cover graffitti at their neighborhood school.  Along with programs of the reduced cost breakfasts and health classes for children, parenting, health promoter and and craft classes for adults, our Community Health Nurse Martha Gonzalez helps neighborhoods organize themselves to help themselves.                                                        school health, and parenting classes Community Heath and Development
To demonstrate the love of Christ for the whole person, the church is involved in ministries of compassion and development.  Working in poor neighborhoods in East Tijuana with health and hygiene classes for children and adults, parenting classes, training health promoters, livelihood projects, and reduced cost breakfasts in the schools, our Nurse Martha Gonzalez also helps people solve their health problems and helps communities get clinics and government services.
Study of the Bible is taken very seriously in Mexican Presbyterian churches along the border.  Churches There are 15 Presbyterian churches and missions in Baja California with their different communities, histories and ministries.  Pueblos Hermanos has planted the churches in the El Lago, El Pipila and La Planicie neighborhoods of Tijuana.  Bi-national Relations
We encourage and facilitate collaboration and mutual understanding between U.S. and Mexican Presbyterians. Other partner agencies doing complementary work include Baja Presbyterian Missions, Sonora-Arizona Ministries, and Korean missionaries the Rev. Sung Gyon Lee of the Presbyterian Church of Korea and Rev. Pablo Lim of the Korean Presbyterian Church in America. 
Mission teams do outreach with local congregations, like this vacation Bilbe school.  Amazing how much interacgtion and even bonding can happen between people who do not speak the same language. Mission Team Opportunities
We facilitate groups coming to Tijuana and other parts of Baja California to share in the life and mission of one of the local Mexican Presbyterian Churches, helping and serving as well as relating to and learning from their Mexican brothers and sisters.  Also mission teams from Mexico to the U.S.A.  For more information follow the link; to discuss scheduling a trip e-mail wsoldwisch ("at" sign) gmail dot com or call the Bob Battenfield at 619-


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